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We help you build the home of your dreams. Let us create real value in your new home.

HH Homes can build homes on your own properties as well as select your homesite on one of current inventory land locations throughout the metroplex. We provide financing/loan options for you to make the stereotypical stress of building a new home a fun and exciting experience. We are a family-owned and operated company located just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

To provide the type of experience in the building process, we feel it is important that we have the time to devote to our homeowners therefore we have really spend some time getting to know our potential homeowners and making sure that we collectively, HH Homes and our homeowners, have a great relationship with one another to ensure the building and or buying process is successful.  Meaning, both you as a homeowner or buyer feels comfortable communicating needs, wants and concerns with us as your builder so that nothing is missed and everyone is on-the-same-page. We have found that this is important so that time constraints and budgets are not overlooked and this give us the opportunity as your builder to get to know you and for you to get to know our family and business practices.

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Lauren Hughes

I am a retired police officer of 14-15 years.   I served as a Patrol and the Crime Scene Investigator, a Detective assigned to crimes against persons and a multitude of taskforces and other areas of law enforcement.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a master’s degree from Texas Christian University in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Community, Communication and Leadership. I still reserve as an Officer and occasionally teach Law Enforcement courses for the Police Academy.  

I have  most recently had the opportunity to help my husband, Dennis, fulfill a lifelong dream of owning our own business and implementing the things we feel are lacking in other builders’ business mottos.  We believe there were fundamental issues that other companies were forgetting in the home building process; the homeowner.  So many times, the homeowner is forgotten in the process and not considered.  Dennis dreamed of providing a very unique personal building experience for our homeowners that no other builders have provided as well as a superior product. 

Dennis Hughes

I have been a home builder for over 18 years.  I have built all ranges of homes from the initial “starter-homes” to the million-plus homes in the highly desirable areas of DFW.  I have over the years become extremely successful with my management of multiple crews and projects going on simultaneously.  I consistently come in underbudget and ahead of schedule in my projects, all while maintaining the highest of customer and contractor satisfaction ratings.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Texas at Arlington and have utilized my degree in the manifestation of my own personal business, HH Homes. 

I have applied all my gained knowledge from my past years in construction management and have implemented my own management style of accountability and professionalism so that each homeowner is not only satisfied with their home but also the process during construction of their home.   It’s because of this, I am able to manage my contractors and my repour with my homeowners with the utmost respect and demand for excellence which enables the building process to run very smoothly and efficiently.